Who Is Our Pastor?

Pastor Tim Hampton came to Christian Life Center after serving many years in ministry as youth leader, outreach director, and assistant pastor of churches in Arkansas and Louisiana. 

What Are Our Core Values?

We strive to fulfill Jesus teaching in Matthew 22. When He was asked what was the greatest commandment, He responded; Love God with all your heart and the second is just as important, Love your neighbor as yourself. We strive to put God first in our lives and show God's love to everyman.

What Do We Teach?

We teach the same doctrine that the Apostles taught in the New Testament, and that Jesus exemplified. That we must be born again through the death, burial, and resurrection.  Then live a life dedicated to Him

We Answer


Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

At Christian Life Center, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. Join us each Sunday and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.

What's New?

Rules and regulations are on Facebook:CLC Catfish Classic

‚ÄčChristian Life Center


Classes for all ages 9:30

Morning Prayer 10:15

Morning Worship 10:45


Community Table: Free meal 6:00 pm

Kidzclub 7:00 pm

Adult Bible Study 7:00 pm

P7: Youth Class 7:00 pm